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VNIB TECH - Innerbus Vietnam is a software company which is invested 100% capital
by mother company - Innerbus Co., Ltd. in Korea.
We are developing Innerbeans. InnerBeans is an online collaborative platform.
It makes you enjoy exciting collaboration.

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Opening Positions

Required Skills: Javascript Frameworks (VueJS, React, AngularJS, etc.)

                            Spring Framework: Core, Data, Boot, Security, and MVC.

                            Good at reading and writing in English.

Required Skills: 2+ years of working experience as a UI Designer.
                            Web design (required): designing web products based on the dashboard.
                            Can communicate in English.

Required Skills: 3+ years of working experience in the development field.
                            1+ year at least of playing the role of AI Technology.
                            Good at reading and writing in English.


Required Skills: Bachelor's degree in the IT field.
                            2+ years of proven experience with JavaScript frameworks (VueJS/React).
                            Can communicate in English.

  How to apply

Please send your CV to this email